Meet the Team


Photo By : White Wedding Photography

(Owner & Operator/Videographer)

"I started making videos when I was a pre-teen ranging all the way from home made music videos to skateboarding montages. I made my first wedding video upon request of my sister and after posting it on facebook people really seemed to like my work. I love making videos to share with the world and I am so pleased it is going so much farther than just a hobby for me. This is my dream job and I'm incredibly passionate about it."



(Owner & Operator/Videographer)

"Katie and I are recently married and we love running this business together. Being apart of people's special day and giving them a piece of it that they can keep forever is what really makes this job worth it. Hearing all the positive things people say about our work and customer service really lets me know we are doing something incredibly special here. I love working with Katie, we make a really good team in my opinion."




"I absolutely love interning for this company. Every wedding I have helped assist has had a fun and energetic atmosphere. Working with brides and meeting all these new people is what really makes this job worth it. Katie and Morgan are amazing people and I hope to continue working with them for many years in the future." 





Our Assistants

Sydney and Shelby are two very hard working girls with bright, friendly personalities that can light up a room. They assist our videographers on the job carrying equipment, keeping schedules, running errands, and so much more. They also help with handling the booking process, meeting with clients, answering emails, and any additional office work that might need taken care of. 

"I trust these girls with my life let alone our business. I love how respectful they are towards our clients no matter what. Having their help has remarkably freed up so much of my time allowing myself to focus more on the editing process. I don't know what I would do without them."

-Katie Minick